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H. Grant Dilling “Sr”

Grant Dilling “Sr” started his career after graduating as a Civil Engineering Technologist in 1983. Grant fondly recalls; “The day after my last exam I was hired by Genstar Structures as a surveyor, foreman, and estimator. It was “trial by fire” with a steep learning curve. However, I was blessed with great support from Genstar and some very knowledgeable staff who provided excellent training and took a chance on an energetic young man.” At Genstar Grant completed a number of high-rise residential and commercial projects as well as other architectural and structural precast concrete projects in Winnipeg and Ontario. In 1986 Genstar was building an 18-storey high-rise apartment complex for Crystal Construction Ltd. Upon completion, Grant was hired by Crystal Construction Ltd. as a Project Coordinator.   Grant advanced steadily in a number of different roles such as; Project Coordinator, Project Manager, Estimator, Office Manager and President. In these roles, he successfully completed projects across Manitoba in Multi-Family Residential Housing, Healthcare, Community Services, Commercial, Hospitality, Industrial and Institutional Construction. Grant’s leadership, motivation and attention to detail have propelled Crystal Construction Ltd. into one of Manitoba’s most trusted builders.